How to crochet garter stitch



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Pretty soon the days will get colder and you’ll want to wear your warmest wool sweaters, so we bring you this step-by-step tutorial to inspire you. Who said garter stitch can only be done with two needles? Nothing further from the truth. With just a few of our skeins of wool and a crochet hook you’ll soon be making sweaters in garter stitch in a crochet.

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For this tutorial we used: a size 19 crochet hook and one of our skeins of chunky wool The Wool.

Before beginning you should know how to make chains and do the slip stitch. Let’s get started!

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To do this stitch you can chain as many stitches that you want and/or need.

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Row 1: work the whole row in slip stitch. At the end chain 1.

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Now it’s time to turn your work. Look at the top of your work.

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Row 2: we’ll work this row in slip stitch (like the previous row), but this time we’ll insert the hook through the front loop only.

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At the end of the row we’ll chain 1.

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Row 3: we’ll work this row in slip stitch too. But this time, we’ll insert the hook through the back loop only.

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At the end of the row we’ll chain
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To continue working this stitch you just have to continue repeating rows 2 and 3 as many times as needed, until you reach the desired length.

As you can see it’s a really simple stitch that looks great in our chunky wool. We can’t wait to see the garments or accessories you make using this stitch and hope you share them on social networks with the hashtag #weareknitters.

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