5 Women’s Knitted Winter Sweater Patterns


When winter is here, it means two things: cold and house! What could be better than staying warm at home knitting? Whether you already know how to knit or not, knitting is the best winter activity. Why?

  • Because you knit pieces by yourself (pride)
  • Because you necessarily learn new techniques, and stitches…
  • Because knitting is good for your health!

Yes, yes, knitting is known to have the same effects on the brain as meditation, it also reduces stress and helps memory work as the New York Times article indicates. Indeed, all the health benefits of knitting are unsuspected and yet they should be because they save many people from depression every year for example.

Every winter, we take out hats, scarves, and coats but the essential piece in our wardrobe is of course the Sweater! Whether it’s alpaca, 100% wool, or even merino, it’s the piece that will keep you warm all winter long. It is worn at home, outside under a big coat, with a skirt, jeans… that’s why we love it so much. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in knitting, don’t worry, we’ve prepared a list of 5 winter knit sweater patterns for women for all levels! Whether you like turtlenecks, oversized sweaters, or sweaters with color changes… there’s everything you need here!

Nolita Sweater

A chunky knit sweater, it´s knitted with our chunky wool, 100% Peruvian, and 200 gr each ball (4 times larger than classic balls). Thanks to the thickness of these balls, you will get this big chunky, and warm sweater for the winter. It is an easy level made in garter stitch and 1×1 rib. Combine it with your favorite jeans and wear it at home non-stop!

Chewing Gum Sweater

For all knitting beginners who want to knit something other than a scarf or a hat! Here is the ideal sweater for beginners. Indeed, thanks to our petite wool, which is knitted in 8mm needles (faster than smaller needles), you will only have to knit 4 squares in garter stitch and assemble them (no collar or anything, too practical !). Don’t forget to follow our online tutorials to learn all the techniques and practice. You will see everyone asking you where it´s from when, in reality, you have knitted it yourself 🙂

Heritage Sweater

Are you a proven knitter and looking for a new challenge? Here is a sweater pattern for you! This Nordic-inspired jacquard sweater designed by @knitfsfromoslo is knitted in the circular (in the round) and is super original (the beauty of the stitch!). Made of merifine, 100% merino: a fine yarn, super resistant and warm. Wear it with your best skirts and jeans; it will become your best winter friend!

Pull Lula

The classic sweater to have in your wardrobe is designed by Morgane Mathieu. Why? Because it is simple and effective. Made in mohair, it is super fluffy and soft and the stripes give it a slight original touch. Its particularity: it is knitted in triple yarn on 8mm needles. Its rendering and touch will not leave you indifferent! An easy kit to knit and combine with all her winter looks.

Luge Sweater

One of our latest novelties, this sweater will follow you with its super original stitch: the bobble stitch. You’ve never knitted it and you dream of doing it? This is an opportunity to challenge yourself with this intermediate-level kit. It’s the kind of sweater you can see yourself chilling all winter long by the fireplace. Choose your best mix of fine wool and knit colors!

In We Are Knitters, we have a wide variety of knitting sweaters for winter and all levels. Check out all our sweaters here, but also our cardigans, maybe you’ll find your favorite kit to knit or give away this winter 🙂 Don’t forget to go to our blog or see our video tutorials to learn all about the free knitting techniques and stitches that you want to make your kit or to increase your knitting knowledge. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss any of our new products and promotions (in addition you get 10€ offered and a pattern on your first order).

We assure you, there is nothing better than the experience of knitting in the warm winter at home!

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