How to wrap a fiber with single crochet.

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Today we bring you an almost express tutorial: we will learn very easily and quickly how we can wrap a thicker fiber with a finer one in a different color using the single crochet. This technique will be very useful to create projects with different textures. Can you imagine creating your own baskets to place books or organize your knitting/crochet tools?

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For this step-by-step tutorial we used The Cordage Yarn and Pima Cotton, and one of our beech wood crochet hooks in size 8 (5mm).

Before beginning, here’s the link to a video on how to single crochet so you can review it. It’s the only stitch you will need to know to follow this tutorial.

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This is a very easy and quick technique since it’s only about wrapping the cotton yarn (the fine fiber) around the cord, so when you work a single crochet the cord is left inside, which creates a beautiful effect.

If you want to watch it in a more clear way, we have made a video so you can watch how we do it live:

You can use this technique with multiple combinations and it’s perfect to create textures when working projects such as baskets or blankets.

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We hope this quick tutorial was useful to resolve doubts on how to wrap a fiber with a different material. We want to see how you put it in practice, and for you to share your projects with the hashtag #weareknitters 🙂

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