Free pattern: Christmas wreath with pompoms


With Christmas just around the corner you’ve probably already thought of a thousand ways to decorate your home with handmade things, right?

We, from We Are Knitters, suggest a Christmas wreath with pompoms.

It’s the perfect Christmas touch and when you make it you can use the same color as with the rest of your Christmas decoration that way it will be the perfect match 😉

Christmas crown with pompoms


– Thick wool and fine wool in your favorite colors (You can take advantage of this project and use the extra from previously knitted items).
– a round base of Styrofoam in the size you want your wreath to be (you can find that in any craft shop).
– a piece of cardboard or a pompom maker made of plastic in order to make the pompoms.
– Scissors.
– Glue or a glue gun.
– Ribbons or lace to decorate it.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Christmas wreath with pompoms

Using the thick wool, we are going to wrap the entire Styrofoam base. Start by tying the thread to one end and then cover the whole surface.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Once you are done, hide the lose thread behind the the others or stick it to them with a bit of glue.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Once you are done with the first step it should look more or less like in the image. If there is still space that is not covered, cut another thread and cover the space in the same way as the rest of the base..

Christmas crown with pompoms

The next step is the most fun, make lots of pompoms! Vary the colors and also the thickness of the wool, make a mixture of pompoms made of fine and of thick wool.

If you don’t know how to make pompoms in a fast and easy way you can check out this tutorial we have prepared for you. If you use proper pompom makers it will be a lot faster.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Did we tell you already that you will really have to make a lot of pompoms? 🙂

Now, using the glue gun, start to stick the pompoms onto the base we wrapped before. It is not important to follow a specific order according to color or size, it will look a lot better if they are disorganized.

The important thing is that you cover the whole surface of the wreath.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Continue to stick the pompoms to the base until you have completed the circular shape. It’s up to you to decide how covered in pompoms you want it to be.

Christmas crown with pompoms

When the glue is dry, cut a piece of ribbon that you would normally use to wrap presents and make a bow. Afterwards stick it to the wreath with a bit of glue.

You can also make it look more festive adding small bows all over the surface, or laces, ribbons, etc. Be creative!

Christmas crown with pompoms

Finally, cut another piece of ribbon, fold it in half and stick it to the back side of the wreath.

Look closely at the bow we stuck to the wreath in the previous step and ensure that it becomes situated in the lower part of the wreath, in line with the ribbon so that you can hang up the wreath.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Now all you have to do is hang the wreath at your door (or really anywhere you like). We are sure that you will smile every time you look at it.

In addition to that, because we have Styrofoam as a base, it weighs almost nothing so you can put it just about up anywhere.

Christmas crown with pompoms

Christmas crown with pompoms

You can finish the wreath in one afternoon without hurrying.

What combination of colors would you use for the wreath?

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