Free Pattern: Euro Cup bracelets in Fabric Yarn


It’s time to make lots of knitted bracelets with your fingers to help cheer on your favorite team in the Euro Cup!

The technique couldn’t be easier, and you can make your own in a snap, you just need your hands and our Fabric Yarn.

Choose the colors of your team’s flag and get started right away.


Although we already showed you how to knit with your fingers here, we’re going to show you how you can combine different colors in the same bracelet.


Start by placing the strand of fabric yarn behind your ring finger as shown in the image.


Wrap the strand around your pinky from front to back and wrap it around your ring finger again.


Now wrap the strand around both fingers, from front to back.



Carefully slip the loops at the base of your fingers over the strand that we just wrapped, as in the image.



Repeat this process for each row: wrap the strand of fabric yarn around both fingers and then slip the loops below over it.

The bracelet will form down the back of your hand (make sure to pull on it once in awhile to check the length).


Work about 5 rows with the first color, but it depends upon how long you want your bracelet to be. Now comes the best part: let’s change colors!

To change colors, cut the strand that you were working with, leaving an extra few inches, and now tie the strand of the new color to the one you just cut. You’ll only need to make an overhand knot, because later we’ll be hiding the loose ends.

Slide the knot down to the base of the first strand used to secure it firmly.


Place the loose ends between your pinkie and ring finger to make it easier to start the first rows with the new color. This way they will stay in place when we continue knitting.

Now continue with what we’ve been doing from the beginning; and don’t forget to work the same number of rows as you did with the first color.


Once you’ve made the same number of rows as you did with color 1, change colors again the same way you did the first time. That is to say, tie on the new color and leave a few extra inches to weave in later. Continue knitting with your fingers.


Once you’ve used all of the colors from your team’s flag, it’s time to cast off!



Carefully remove the loops from your fingers. Cut the strand of fabric yarn that comes from the ball leaving a length long enough to tie your bracelet with. Finish by passing the end of the strand through both loops and pulling tightly. It’s cast off!


Using your fingers, weave in the loose ends from each color change. Cut the ends even with the bracelet.


Tie both ends of the bracelet together and cut the extra ends. Since the bracelets are elastic, you can take them on and off without untying them.

Repeat these steps for all the bracelets you want to make, combining different colors to make the flags for each team. If you want to make them longer you just have to make more rows of each color 😀


They’re so easy to make that in just one afternoon you can make a bunch for your friends, so there’s no excuse for them not to root for their teams at every game. 😉

Have you already made fabric yarn bracelets? We want to see them! Tag your pics on Instagram with #weareknitters and @weareknitters to show us and for your chance to be reposted on our feed!

  1. This is way cool! Can’t wait to the bracelets. I love in the USA so shipping will be a killer. However I will be in the UK this fall and will look for this yarn.

    1. Don’t worry!! Fabric yarn will be available in the USA very soon 😉

      (not quite in time for the Eurocup, but well before the superbowl!)

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