Free pattern: Crochet mask

Make this crochet mask and wear it to all of your Carnival parties. You just need a few minutes and your favorite color of WAK wool!



To make your mask you will need:

– A few yards of The Wool (we chose the color forest green).

– a beechwood size 19 crochet hook


Although the pattern is an easy level and suitable for beginners, you will need to know how to chain, slip stitch, and single crochet. You can watch our tutorials and videos to practice these crochet techniques.



1. Chain 10 with your WAK crochet hook.


2. Insert your hook in the first chain and make 1 slip stitch to join it and form a circle.



3. Now chain 12 and insert your hook into the tenth chain from the hook, make 1 slip stitch to form the second circle.

You will have two circles separated by 2 chains.

4. Single crochet into the 2 chains that separate the two circles.

5. Make 15 single crochets inside the first circle. Don’t insert the hook through the stitches, but rather into the circle (see the image above).


6. Make 2 single crochets in the stitches that separate the two circles. You will be working over the same chains where we made the first 2 single crochets before working the first circle.


Make 15 single crochets inside the second circle. Finish with 1 slip stitch and weave in the ends at the beginning and end.


Your mask is finished! All you have to do is customize it by adding some sequins, some fabric yarn ribbons…you choose how to make it unique! If you liked this pattern and thought to make lots of them for you and your friends, show us your results using #weareknitters on social networks, we live to see your projects!