Happy Mother’s Day!

Another year and Mother’s Day has arrived, a very special day for all those superheroes who have given us everything and whom we adore with all our heart.

Every year we rack our brains thinking about the perfect gift for our favorite person in the world, but it’s very difficult to be original year after year. The macaroni necklace was good for when we were kids, but not anymore friends, believe us…

Let’s review possible gifts: Do you think a mug is a good idea? Surely she has enough mugs, right? … Perfume? This is not the height of originality, let’s face it …

And a lettuce spinner? It’s too risky, and would likely just work against us…

But, don’t panic! You know that at #WeAreKnitters we love to brainstorm and find the most original options that will give your mother all the feels.

This time we thought that a banner to crochet would be the best way to show our unconditional love to all the mothers. That’s why we’ve created a pattern with which you can make a simple banner, short, concise and with a clear message. You don’t need to thank us, your wish is our command.

Choose the color combination that your mother likes best, and put it in a very visible spot for Sunday. You will see what an impression it will make on your mother to see that you also know how to knit!

We’ll start with the tutorial post where we taught you to make these fun crocheted pennants.

Step 1: We’ll crochet 4 triangular pennants with petite wool yarn balls in white and we’ll show you how to later add letters to spell the word “MOM” in the following steps.

Step 2: with red petite wool make as many chain stitches you feel necessary to make the letters to decorate the pennants.

Step 3: using pins (with hearts, of course!) and patience, we’ll form the chains into letters for each of the pennants, here the letter “M”.

Step 4: once we have all the letters pinned in place on the pennants, we’ll hide the excess yarn tails with red thread and with the needle, we’ll sew the chains onto their pennants.

Step 5: next we have to join the pennants with a strand of red wool.

The last thing left to do is to hang it on her favorite spot at home and let love take over.

You can be as creative as you want and add more decorative elements, crochet the edges of the pennants in red, or make a few more pennants and alternate colors.

Very fast and easy to do, isn’t it?

Happy Mother’s Day to all!