How to knit Chevron Seed stitch

      In this post we are going to learn how to knit the Chevron Seed stitch, it forms a textured zigzag pattern, and in this case we used a combination of alternating knit and purl stitches the same as for seed stitch. We will cast on a multiple of 8 stitches. For our […]


Knowledge takes no space and with knitting, knowledge is infinite. Each stitch, each technique, each pattern is a chance to learn something new. Luckily, in the We are knitters blog ( you can find a bunch of tricks and new stitches to learn to knit, or rather to perfect your technique. In this post we […]

THANK YOU 2017        

  There are only a few days left until the end of the year, and if we look back at the road we have travelled these past few months we can’t help but smile. It has been a magical year full of surprises, enthusiasm and challenges, lots of challenges! …but none of this would have […]

Discover Balzac Paris

What are the values ​​of Balzac Paris? Balzac Paris is the literary brand in an era that proposes to consume fashion in a different way: responsible fashion, away from fast fashion, with quality products, sold at fair prices. 100% online and deeply communitarian we give priority to customer service for an unique customer experience and […]


WHAT A DRAG!   Something has happened with the project, because now I have one additional stitch! The shape of the project is a little bit weird, it’s not straight! What has happened? Well, sometimes in a hurry, or at the beginning of rows, we mix up the stitches and we work one more, or […]


Today we bring you a two color stitch suitable for all audiences, you need to know how to knit, how to purl, and be willing to learn. It’s not hard at all! You just have to follow the instructions carefully.     For this pattern we used MeriWool ( in color aquamarine (COLOR A) and […]

The Cable Cast On

  The Cable Cast On is very easy and you can use it to start your project or to add stitches to a work in progress. Let’s see how it’s done!   Cast on stitches using the “Cable Cast On”: Make a slip know with your fingers and slip it onto your main needle. This […]

Mlle Sophie: The inspiration.

  Who are you, Mlle Sophie? I’m the founder and creative director of Breaking the Wool, a knitting start-up based in New York. I’m also an author and I just launched my third book.   What motivated you to create Breaking the Wool? When I grew up, many people had negative prejudices about knitting: it […]

What to do with leftover yarn: wool tapestry

Today we want to teach you how to make this special tapestry so that you decorate the most special space of your house. It’s full of fringe! Its texture will catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and you can have it ready in a few hours using only leftovers of your WAK wool. […]

The Meripaca

Have you heard of the ALPACA? The alpaca is a domestic species that comes from the camelidae family, having a strong genetic introgression from the llama. Their domestication has been going on for thousands of years. Its geographical distribution ranges from the Andes, northern Argentina, western Bolivia, northeastern Chile, from Ecuador and the Andes of […]

Super Lacey Stitch

If you’re looking for a cool, summery stitch, you can’t miss this lace pattern! It’s perfect for all types of garments and lightweight accessories, and it’s much easier to knit than it seems. You can combine it with any of our other stitch patterns to create a totally unique design. For this example, we used […]

We Are Knitters’ 6th anniversary

Another year, another September. The best month of the year. Why do we say this? IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!  Every year our knitting family grows and every year we’re more excited, so to celebrate our birthday (and hopefully many more!), we’re starting the celebration with a special 25% discount sitewide. The best part? You don’t need a code to enjoy it! […]

I-cord Cast Off

  In today’s post, we are going to show you a new way to cast off in your knitting projects. As you’ve already seen on our blog a few ways to cast off, but today’s is special because it creates a cute, decorative border. It’s made by creating an i-cord or cording while you’re casting […]

Our new collaboration: Oeuf

Photo By Molly Magnusun

1.What are the values of OEUF? What does your motto ‘Be good’ means?  Be good is really a global philosophy, it works for pretty much everything!  It’s amazing how simple your choices become it you just always try to do the good thing.  Of course at Oeuf, we are committed to making good products; that’s […]

Yarn terminology: Weight

What’s grandma’s weaving? What’s a relaxing hobby? Is it the new yoga of the 21st century? Well, we can say to all of these– yes! And what’s more, there’s a terminology around this ancestral tradition that has lasted to our days. There is a vocabulary for yarn that describes its characteristics, including its composition, and […]