Happy Anniversary to Fūnem Studio


Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY! It’s been two years since Fūnem Studio, our sister brand specializing in weaving, entered the WAK Family!

Learn how to master your loom and create a unique decorative item. Moreover, weaving is the perfect craft to relax, develop your creativity and mindfulness. 

Let’s celebrate with a throwback of their biggest highlights this year:

New Tutorial Weaving Kits

All the happiness in a kit …. now at Fūnem Studio too! Since last August, they have offered step-by-step kits to replicate projects of all kinds: wall decoration, tea towels, circular weavings… there is something for all tastes and all levels!

Brand New Weaving Looms

Last October, the Fūnem Studio team entirely designed their new Looms 2.0. Now they have the best of the best looms, they can be disassembled and easily brought everywhere. They have several features that will help you and smoothen your weaving adventure.

DIY Fair & Weaving Parties

How nice it was to accompany them in their first fair in Paris and Weaving Party in our shop in Madrid.  Subscribe to their newsletters and stay tuned for more shared events worldwide this year!

New Fibers

They added two original new fibers to their large selection of weaving yarns: Embroidered Sari Silk yarn and Viscose Yarn. Both fibers will add a brilliant touch to your projects.

From Belgium With Love

Come say hi to their team in Antwerp, they’ll be happy to welcome you for a warehouse tour!

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