How to work the Front Loop Double Crochet


There are times when the easiest stitches are the ones that create the most amazing textures and results. We cannot not marvel to this front loop double crochet stitch, which we’ll teach you with today’s step-by-step, and that will allow you to make combinations to create gorgeous effects. With it, you can work, for example, this crochet rib stitch we taught you in this post on the blog. You wanna find out more?

For this tutorial, we used our Petite Wool in yellow and a size UK 2 (7 mm) crochet hook, in order to create a very fluffy fabric.

Imagen: foto-3.jpg

Before beginning, we remind you that you must know how to chain and how to work the double crochet stitch.

Imagen: foto-4.jpg

On top of a base of double crochets worked as usual, we are going to start working the front loop double crochets. Here’s a video so you can see the process live.

Easy and quick, right? 🙂

Imagen: foto-5.jpg

The only thing you must remember is that instead of inserting the hook on top on the stitch, as you usually would with the double crochet stitch, the hook is inserted behind the stitch from right to left.

Imagen: foto-6.jpg

Working all rows this way, we will create a beautiful texture that might as well be the star on your new crochet snood, for example, and it will keep you warm on the cold winter days.

We hope you share the projects using this stitch on all social networks with the hashtag #weareknitters. See you next time!

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