How to crochet the bean stitch


You already know we love stitches with interesting textures, but at the same time we like them to be easy to do. Today we are going to teach you how to crochet the bean stitch. Yes, that’s right, we are going to crochet beans. We love using this stitch for spring clothes and accessories. Will you crochet with us?

For this step-by-step tutorial we used a skein of our Pima cotton and a size 8 (5 mm) crochet hook.

Before starting the tutorial we remind you that you will need to know how to crochet chains. You will also need to know how to crochet the “beans”, and now we are going to tell you how.

How to make a bean?

Insert the hook, yarn over, and pull up a loop: you will have 2 loops.

Yarn over again and insert the hook into the same stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop: you will have 4 loops.

Yarn over again, insert the hook into the same stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop: you will have 6 loops on your hook.

Now yarn over and pull the yarn through all 6 loops.

If it was too hard to follow the written explanation, we prepared a video for you to see how it is done:

It is important to remember not to pull the loops too tightly so when you close off the bean it isn’t hard to get the hook through all of the loops.

Now let’s see how to work this stitch 😉

Start by making the foundation chain with an even number of chains.

Row 1: work 1 bean stitch in the fourth stitch from your hook. *Chain 1, skip the next chain, work 1 bean stitch*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

Row 2: chain 2. *In the next chain space formed by the chain in the previous row, work 1 bean stitch, chain 1*. Repeat from * to * until there is 1 stitch left. Work 1 bean in the second chain of the turning chain.

From here on you just have to repeat round 2 as many times necessary until you reach the desired length.

As you can see, it is an easy stitch, perfect for those projects that you take along on the subway or train, because it is very easy to memorize and also perfect to do while watching your favorite series. As always, we hope that you share your projects with us on social networks using the hashtag #weareknitters. We have a mega creative community!

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