How to leave stitches on hold by slipping them onto a thread


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In today’s post we are going to show you a trick that comes in handy when the garment we are knitting requires us to leave some stitches on hold. If you don’t have a stitch holder or cable needle on hand, this trick will save you from a lot of trouble. We’re going to quickly teach you how to leave stitches on hold by slipping them to a thread.

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For this tutorial we used two different colors of our Pima cotton skeins (one for the swatch and one for the contrast yarn), our size 8 (5 mm) beechwood knitting needles and a tapestry needle.

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Once we have our fabric ready, as shown in the image above, we will see how to leave the stitches on hold.

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Knit up to the place where you should start leaving the stitches on hold.

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Thread a tapestry needle with a yarn in a color that contrasts with the color you’re knitting with. Then it will be very easy to pick up the stitches again.

Now, hit play! We’re going to slip some stitches off of the needle and onto the threaded yarn:

Wasn’t that easy?

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In the image above you can see how your stitches will look once you have slipped them onto the thread.

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Now you just have to make a knot at the ends of the thread so that, when knitting, the stitches do not escape, and that’s it! You can keep knitting.

We hope this quick trick will be very useful to you 🙂

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