How to cast on without having to calculate the length of yarn needed


We come across this problem often when beginning a new project: did I leave enough yarn for the cast on? Will I have to undo the cast on and start again with more yarn? Or will I have the opposite problem, and have too much yarn left over from the cast on and run the risk of not having enough to finish the project? You’ll never have that problem again with today’s tip! You won’t have to calculate how much yarn you need for your cast on, won’t have to measure, it’s easier than that.

This cast on method uses both ends of the skein: the outside tail and the tail found inside the skein. If you have two skeins of the same color you can use a strand of each if you prefer.

  1. Make a slip knot with both strands of yarn and place it on your wooden knitting needle.
  2. Using both strands form the skein of yarn, cast on using the long tail cast on method (here is a video tutorial on how to do the long tail cast on if you don’t remember).
  3. Once you have the number of stitches needed for you project, without counting the slip knot, cut one of the strands of yarn, either one. Leave a tail long enough to weave in later.
  4. Turn your work and knit as usual using the other yarn tail. When you get to the slip knot just slide it off the needle and untie the knot . Easy!

Since both ends of yarn come from the same skein it doesn’t matter if you cast on 10 or 100 stitches, you’ll never run out of wool for your cast on. Isn’t that clever?

Our chunky wool is perfect for all types of knitting and crochet projects, we used navy blue here, but you can choose your favorite color and practice to perfection 😉

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