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When you’re ready to add buttons to a crocheted garment, the same problem always seems to come up: how to find the perfect button. Sometimes, despite a growing stash, you just don’t have the button that you need. One solution? Add your own crocheted buttons that you’ve made yourself! If you’re ready to learn how to make your own crocheted button covers using any button you have at home as the base, we’re ready to show you. 😉

It’s really easy to learn how to do it by watching the following video tutorial and using your crochet hook and WAK wool. The only things you’ll need are a button of any size and a tapestry needle. It’s time to recycle all those buttons you saved and can’t remember you even saved them in the first place.

As seen in the video, you will need:

– WAK Petite Peruvian wool in your favorite color, we used aquamarine
– Size 8 beechwood crochet hook
– Button, in desired size
– Tapestry needle

Start by making a magic ring with 6 single crochets. Close the ring and join the last stitch to the first with a slip stitch. Chain 2 to start the first round:


Round 1: increase 1 in each stitch, this means make 2 single crochets into each stitch of the magic ring. Join the beginning and end of the round with 1 slip stitch.
Since this is sufficient to cover our button we’ll crochet one more round with no increases or decreases. If our button were bigger we would continue increasing sequentially, or continue making *1 increase, 1 single crochet* for the next round.

Round 2: chain 2, make 1 single crochet into each stitch. Join the beginning and end of the round with 1 slip stitch.

Cut the yarn leaving a tail about 8 inches long to sew and finish.

Thread the yarn tail onto a tapestry needle and go around the edge inserting the needle into half of each stitch without pulling the thread. Watch closely in the video how to do this. By doing this we’ll be able to close the covered button on the back.

When you reach the first stitch again place the button inside the circle and pull the yarn tightly until the button is completely closed inside. You can make a couple of stitches to secure it closed. Finish by making a knot and using the extra yarn to sew the button to your garment.

This is a great way to use up all those odd buttons you have around, and you won’t have to drop everything in search of a button for your project; instead you’ll always have one that matches perfectly! You’ll find tons of projects to make covered buttons for amongst our crochet kits.


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