Help! A Pattern in Spanish


Searching the internet, you find a crochet pattern in Spanish– help! Will I be able to understand it? Don’t worry! After reading this post and saving the cheat sheet that we’ve prepared, you’ll be able to complete any pattern.

Crochet chart language is practically universal. It doesn’t really matter whether the pattern is written in Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. If it’s accompanied by a chart, at a glance we will be able to understand it. But what if the pattern doesn’t have a chart?

Crochet terms can differ between American and British English. In Spanish though, there are not different names for various stitches. Below we give you a table with both American and British crochet terms and their Spanish equivalent. We even have the abbreviations! This a good cheat sheet that you can keep for working whatever patterns you like.


Equivalents Table


Spanish Abbreviation English (US) Abbreviation English (UK) Abbreviation
Cadeneta c Chain stitch ch st Chain stitch ch st
Punto raso, punto corredizo, punto enano pe Slip Stitch sl st Slip Stitch sl st
Punto bajo pb Single crochet sc Double crochet dc
Punto medio alto pma Half double crochet hdc Half treble htr
Punto alto pa Double crochet dc Treble tr
Punto alto doble pad Treble (triple) crochet trc Double treble dtr
Punto alto triple pat Double treble (triple) crochet dtr Triple treble tr tr


As you can see there are notable differences between the names if the pattern is written using British or American English terms. For example, a “double crochet” for an American is a “punto alto” in Spanish, but in British English, the same term means “punto bajo” in Spanish.

With this post, you can already face any crochet pattern without any fear! What do you think of a bikini for this summer? Try the Cozumel Bikini and try to find the equivalents.