How to adapt a pattern

Hi knitters!

Today you are going to learn how to adapt a pattern, according to the gauge and thickness of the yarn you will use.
You can find a wide variety of yarn online at our website. Choose your favorite and follow these easy steps to adapt your pattern. It’s very easy! ^^

We’re going to use the Eva Vest pattern as an example.

Firstly, you have to knit a sample with the yarn and the needles you will use. The measures for this sample have to be 12cm x 12cm, at least. That’s the best way to calculate the right measures, so you can get your adapted pattern.

These are the measures of the Eva Vest pattern (PIMA cotton):
15 stitches = 10cm
20 rows = 10cm

But these would be the measures of our sample (Chunky wool):
7 stitches = 10cm
8 rows = 10cm

Now you have the gauge, you have to use your math knowledge using a simple rule of three to adapt every measure of the pattern:


-Length of the garment: 38cm

 10 cm — 8 rows
38cm — X rows
= 30’4 rows= 30 rows

-Width of the garment: 37cm

10cm — 7 rows
37cm — X rows
= 25’9 stitches = 26 stitches

Follow these rules with all the measures and stitches of the pattern!

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