How to join strands by felting



In today’s post we will teach you a new way to join strands in our projects. When we finish a ball of yarn or change colors, we usually knot the strands to join them. However, today we will see how to avoid doing this.


Before explaining this technique it’s important that you notice what kind of yarn you’re working with, because it can work very well in roving yarns and not so much in very spun yarns or very twisted. I have used The Petite Wool in the Forest  Green color way.

Now let’s see how to join two strands in a practically invisible way:


Step 1: peel a little the strands you will join to take away some volume, and avoid that the joint is thicker that the rest of the work.

Step 2: face the strands together and wrap them by rubbing them together with your hands as you can see in the video.

¡TIP! You can wet the ends a little bit so they felt even better.

You can apply the explained technique when you knit or crochet, since the only thing that matters is what kind of fiber you use.

This way of joining yarn will give an even more professional look to your garments, by avoiding knots.

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Until next time!

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