What to do with your wool remains, decorate your Christmas gifts


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Every knitter has a well-stocked stash of yarn, especially as Christmas approaches and we’re thinking of the gifts we want to knit by hand. After each knitting project, we accumulate the dreaded yarn scraps that sometimes we’re unable to use other projects because there isn’t enough or because it doesn’t go with the colors or fibers that we want to use. So, pay attention, and let us give you a simple and practical idea for your box of scraps. You’ll have everyone’s jaws dropping this Christmas.


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For this step-by-step, we’ve used scraps from our yarns, The Meripaca and The Meriwool

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We will also use kraft paper tags and boxes, twine for wrapping, and material to personalize the tags. If you’d like to wrap the boxes, you can add silk or gift wrap to this list. This time of year, you can find lots of cute paper in the shops. On the other hand, if you want to maintain the handmade feel, you can choose to leave it as is.

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Let’s start with personalizing the tags. You can use stamps, stickers, lettering … take care to make them nice and show that person how special she is to you.

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Make pompoms in different sizes, colors, and textures.  The beauty of this idea is to play with the different sizes and combinations. If you don’t know how to make them, you can find a step by step for how to make pompoms right here. Make sure you leave a long strand of wool to knot the pompon before cutting it.

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Once you have the box with your gift inside, let’s customize it! Start by wrapping the twine around it. You can do it in four parts (as in the photo) or in two. Make a knot and pass one of the strands through the label.  Re-tie the twine so that it does not come apart.

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Now we are going to place the pompoms: take the strands around the pompom and tie them around the twine.

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Once you have all the pompoms in place, tie the twine again so that they are in the center of the box, on top of the label.

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Now we have our personalized box, using up scraps of yarn that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to use.


We hope that this step by step has given you ideas for wrapping and customizing your gifts this Christmas. Share this or other ideas for using yarn scraps on social media using the hashtag #weareknitters 🙂




Christmas is just around the corner and every self-respecting knitter handmakes her gifts, so in this tradition we give you an idea for how to wrap your gifts using pompoms made with your scrap yarn. For this step by step, we’ve used leftovers from our yarns The Meriwool and The Meripaca.

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