Mlle Sophie x We Are Knitters – Collection n°2: The interview


My name is Sophie but people know me as Mlle Sophie. Knitting is a great passion of mine, and I’m lucky to have made it an important part of my life. When I’m not busy creating new designs, I enjoy reading (what could be better than the first few pages of a new novel!), writing (I’m also the creative director of a stationery brand) and photography (a good way to share my love of beautiful things).

When, how and why did you start knitting?

I started knitting at a very young age alongside my grandmother and mother. I have always seen the women in my life knit, it’s a family story that has become a passion. I’m currently passing the hobby down to my children. My son has already started to pick up on it and is doing very well, which pleases me. Besides, I imagine that the neighbors also appreciate it, because when he knits, the house is abnormally quiet!

Knit or crochet?

Both, I crochet while thinking about my next knits 🙂

Where do you live? How does the city you live in inspire you?

I currently live in Paris after 15 years in the United States! Paris is a constant source of inspiration through its culture, history and beauty. It never ceases to amaze me. A terrace, a café, a ray of sunshine, busy people running around and living their lives… my definition of Parisian happiness. And when you walk in the Jardin du Luxembourg… What a majesty!


What was your main source of inspiration when you created this second collection for We Are Knitters?

I like to tell stories through my knits, and convey emotions through textures and colors.

Here, my goal was to design accessories with a theme around Valentine’s Day.

  • For the Trendy Heart, I started from the base of the Trendy Châle, which is enveloping and reassuring, while integrating openwork hearts that testify to the fragility of feelings.
  • For Le Stay Hot cowl, I imagined a “chunky” piece… a strong but soft base, like a family.

What is your favorite piece from your collection for We Are Knitters?

Impossible to choose, I love both!

Why do you like working with our Petite Wool and Wool?

I like to work with your petite wool for the openwork stitches like the “Trendy Heart” as well the wool for the more “statement” and chunky pieces like the “Stay Hot cowl”. These two yarns are extremely pleasant to work with.


How did you hear about We Are Knitters?

I have followed the beautiful story of WAK since its beginning. As a knitting designer, I have had the chance to participate in several collaborations, each time with renewed pleasure.

What do you like most about We Are Knitters?

I love how We Are Knitters creates timeless patterns that are accessible to everyone, while having an interesting twist. I also appreciate how dynamic this brand is and its ability to reinvent itself. The brand brings an international aspect to the knitting community which a lot of people don’t realize. Following my previous collaborations, fans from all over the world messaged me and shared photos of their creation on Instagram. It’s always impressive!

What brought you to collaborate with us?

Our universes are complementary. It is a new collaboration which has therefore become obvious.

Plans for the future?

I’m working on a new book – the fifth! – and continue the beautiful collaborations. As I like to say jokingly: knitting has a wonderful future, and that’s what we knit it for!

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