How to cast on stitches in a quick and easy way?


Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you how to cast on stitches in a quick and easy way in order to start any of your WAK knitting kits and… with only one hand!

You just have to follow these simple steps:

1. Calculate the yarn that you need to cast on the number of stitches that your pattern requires.

2. Make a slip knot on one of your wooden WAK needles (this will be your first stitch).

3. Grab the two ends of the yarn between your index finger and the thumb of your left hand like we show you in the photo, while you hold the needle in your right hand.

4. Put your needle underneath the loop of yarn that you are holding with your thumb and pick up the first strand, placing it in front of your index finger. With the point of your wooden needle, bring this strand through the loop of yarn that remains in your thumb, pull it through and pull the ends of yarn in order to adjust the stitch to the needle like we demonstrate in the photos.

5. Repeat from step 3 to cast on the number of stitches that will be necessary to start your new WAK garment.

If you have any further questions, we’re leaving you a video here to cast on stitches in a quick and easy way.

Super easy!

To make this video tutorial we used 15 mm needles and WE ARE KNITTERS chunky wool.

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