Invisible seams (Kitchener stich)


Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you a new trick to join your pieces of wool, creating invisible seams with a technique known as “kitchener stitch”.

This trick is perfect for joining two identical pieces so that you don’t notice anything because what we do is “knit” between the stitches of our two pieces with a sewing needle, creating only one piece without seams.

It will also be very useful for you when you realize that your garment is missing rows once it is already knitted or in order to join two pieces of a wool scarf that have been knitted in opposite directions.

In order to explain it, we have to keep in mind which of the wooden needles is in front and which is the one behind, considering that we will be casting off stitch by stitch on both needles.

1. You just have to thread your little sewing needle with a strand of wool (in this case we have used a different colored thread so that you can clearly see its path) and put it through the first stitch on your front needle, as if we were purling.


2. Once you have pulled the thread through this first stitch, we will then insert it through the first stitch on the back needle and pull it through as if we were knitting.


3. Return to the first stitch and slip it off the wooden needle with the sewing needle, pulling the strand of yarn through as if you were knitting. Now you have casted off your first stitch.

4. Once you have casted off this first stitch, we will direct ourselves towards the second stitch on the needle in front and we will put the little sewing needlethrough it as if we were purling (but this time leave it on the needle)

5. Insert the sewing needle through the first stitch on the back needle and slip it off the needle as if you were purling. Pull the thread through, closing the stitch.


6. Put the little sewing needle with the thread through the second stitch on the back needle (which will now be the first stitch) as if you were knitting (but leave it on the needle).


Repeat from step 3 to step 6 until you finish casting off all the stitches.


To make our invisible seam, we have used 8mm wooden needles and WAK 100% petite wool.

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