How to knit with your fingers


Knitting with your fingers is easy, fast and it makes you addicted… and on top of all that it’s the perfect way to teach children how to knit, you couldn’t ask for more!

You can knit with your fingers using basically any kind of material but it’s easier to use thicker materials like fabric yarn or wool.

You can make bracelets, tiaras, scarfs and lots of other things. Try knitting with your fingers using different kinds of materials to achieve very different results.

Knit with your fingers:

Leaving a thread of a few centimeters, take hold of the fabric yarn between your fingers as you can see in the picture.

Wrap the fabric yarn around the ring finger passing it behind the pinky. Now you are ready to start knitting.

Now wrap the thread again around the two fingers (pinky and ring finger), from the pinky to the inside.

Let’s start knitting: with the help of your left hand, lift the slings that you had on your fingers, the ones we made at the start. Do it starting from the palm of your hand upwards, passing the thread over the fingers and letting fall in the direction of the back of your hand. That way one stitch after the other will be created.

Once you have passed the slings you will have new ones formed by the last thread of fabric yarn which we wrapped around the fingers in the previous step.

Continue wrapping the thread around the fingers and passing the previous stitches over it. The finished project will continue to grow on the backside of your hand.

Check the length of your bracelet from time to time.

When you have reached the desired length, carefully cut the fabric yarn that comes from the ball of fabric yarn and let go of the thread that you hold between your fingers. While you hold on to them with your fingers, pass the lose thread through them and pull on it to cast off the stitches.

Now you have already finished your bracelet and you only have to wear it.

Apart from using only two fingers to knit you can just as well use three or four. Depending on the number of fingers the size of the piece changes.

Knit with four fingers:

This time pass the thread around the middle finger from the index finger to the pinky.

Then pass it only over the pinky. That way you will have created the first row.

From behind the hand, take the thread again to the index finger, pass it over the finger, under the middle finger and over the ring finger. That is the second row of the start.

Now you can just go on like you did when knitting with only two fingers. Wrap the fabric yarn over the fingers and then pull out the stitches that you already passed over.

While you knit don’t forget to pull on the thread to tighten the stitches and to check the size. To do so just pull on the thread from the beginning.

The pieces knit with four fingers can be used as tiaras, double bracelets, belts or even necklaces, it’s up to you!

You can knit a lot of bracelets with your fingers, combining styles and colors, it’s so easy that you can make use of every last thread of fabric yarn from previous projects and in the end you will have loads of bracelets.

And now you know how to knit with your fingers. Can you imagine knitting with your fingers while running?

On the 1st of November our Marketing Specialist, Meredith Parmalee, is going to run the New York Marathon. That’s 26,2 miles (42 kilometres), wool in hand.

And all that for a good cause. Do you want to know more? Here.

We have used fabric yarn in the colors orange and gray. What colors of fabric yarn are you going to use?

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