How to knit netted stitch

The netted stitch is so easy to knit and yet so intricate looking, that any knitter worth their salt should have it memorized. You can use it for lots of projects, especially those that call for a delicate finish or for summery garments. Besides, it’s the star stitch in our Juliet Tee kit!

We made this video so you can learn how to knit this stitch very quickly:

Cast on to one of your wooden needles an odd number of stitches.

Row 1: knit the first stitch, * knit 2 together and yarnover (wrap the yarn around the needle as if you were going to knit a stitch)*. Repeat from * to * until there are 2 stitches left, knit 2.

Repeat row 1 until you reach the desired length.

It couldn’t be easier! Now you know how to knit netted stitch and you can use it for any of your knitting projects. Have you already used it to knit a garment or accessory? Then share it with us by using the hashtag #weareknitters on social networks. And if you need to practice, we have all your favorite yarns waiting for you.