How to make snow flakes


Hi knitters!

Today you will learn how to knit Knot stitch 🙂

Now that snowy winter is here, you have to knit a WAK garment using this beautiful technique… You have to knit knots –that seem to be snowflakes- alternating with Stockinette stitch.

You can knit a row with knots and the next row without them, or only knitting knots on the upper side or the sleeves. With the same technique, you can create thousands of different patterns.

Firstly, you’re going to learn how to knit knots. It’s very easy!

  1. With the thread ahead of your work, purl 3 stitches together. Don’t take the stitches off the needle.
2. Now, the thread has to be back of your work, and knit these 3 stitches together. Don’t take the stitches off the needle.
How to knit knot stitch
3. With the thread ahead your work, purl them together again. And now, take them off the needle once you have finished the row.

Now you know how to knit knot stitch, create your own pattern. Remember, you always have to use a number of stitches multiple of 6 + 5 stitches.

This is our pattern with Knot stitch 😉

Row 1: knit all stitches

Row 2: purl all stitches

Row 3: knit 1 stitch, *knit a knot, knit 3 stitches*

Repeat this *a* step, until you have 4 stitches left, knit 1 knot, knit 1 stitch to finish.

Row 4: purl all stitches.

Repeat these 4 rows to knit your WAK garment.

Now you’re ready to create your WAK pattern with knot stitch. Share it with our kniters’ community on Instagram, using the hashtag hashtag #weareknitters. 🙂

For this post, we have used 15mm beechwood knitting needles and 100% Peruvian wool in Natural, but you can use any yarn ball. Visit our website and choose your favorite.

Can’t wait to see your pics!

  1. Whenever I go to your blog, the pictures never show. I am using Chrome and this only happens on your website. What could possibly be happening? Really would like to be able to see the illustrations and this is very frustrating!!

    1. Hi Ruby!

      Thanks for writing – we’re sorry you’re having problems. We also work in chrome on both Macs and PC’s, so we would recommend clearing your cache in your settings and everything should be all set 🙂

      Francesca and the WAK team

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