How to knit the striped garter stitch


The stitch that we are going to show you today couldn’t possibly be any easier. If you’re still a beginner and you still don’t dare to try out the more complicated stitches you can have a go with this one which combines stockinette stitch with stripes and garter stitch. And apart from that it is a very good way to get more practice in order to achieve the perfect tension in your stitches.

Striped Garter Stitch

Watch the video and follow along!


Cast on any number of stitches. Remember that you are going to knit in stockinette stitch most of the time, a stitch that tends to roll up at the rim so you can add one stitch in the beginning and one in the end to make a selvage. It is not a reversible stitch.

Row 1: knit all stitches.
Row 2: purl all stitches.
Row 3: knit all stitches.
Row 4: knit all stitches.

Repeat these four rows until you have reached the desired length.

As you can see, the stripes so typical of this stitch come from combining various rows in stockinette stitch with two rows in garter stitch. And the best thing is that you can endlessly vary this stitch and personalize it by altering the number of rows in stockinette stitch and changing the frequency of rows in garter stitch. So easy and with lots of room for creativity!

In our example we have used gray cotton, but you can of course use any color of cotton you like and 5MM wooden needles.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already an expert in this technique or whether you have just started to use it, we are always interested in seeing your own creations. You can share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

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