How to cast on stitches on a provisional chain


Hi knitters!!

Today we would like to show you how to cast on stitches on a provisional chain.

Sometimes it happens that when starting a knitting project, you really don’t know yet how you want to join or finish your garment. Now you are going to learn how to knit a provisional chain, in order to be able to knit whatever you want at the end of your project.

Follow these steps:

1. Start crocheting a chain/chain stitches with your crochet hook.

2. Turn around the chain and start knitting where you can check the sides.

3. Insert the thread you are going to use inside the sides of the chain. After inserting the thread, knit the stitches as usual.

4. After knitting the garment, insert the needle between the knitted stitches on step number 3. We are going to start our chosen design using these stitches.

5. Pull the thread of the chain in order to undo it. Your stitches should stay onto the needle (check the last step).

Now you can finish your WAK garment. With this little tip you can knit and crochet your designs, without having to think at the beginning how you want to finish them! 😉

For this post we have used 15mm beechwood needles, the crochet hook and 100% Peruvian wool yarn balls in bubblegum and green.

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