Elongated Stitch

Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you a new stitch technique known as drop stitch. This stitch is the combination of Garter stitch (normal knit stitch) with stretched out yarn overs, which create a lovely lacy effect… great for your most summery dresses and shirts!


To learn how to knit drop stitch, you just have to cast on the number of stitches that you need onto one of your wooden WAK needles.

Row 1: knit all the stitches

Row 2: *knit one stitch, make two yarn overs* and repeat from *to* for the rest of the row until you finish with a knit stitch.

Row 3: knit all the stitches and you see that the strands which formed the yarn over in the previous row start to loosen and stretch out.

Rows 4 and 5: knit all the stitches.

Repeat from row 1 to row 5 until you get the desired length.

We’re leaving you a video tutorial, which clearly explains all of the necessary steps for knitting this original stitch.

The materials used for this video tutorial are 15 mm needles and WE ARE KNITTERS 100% chunky wool.