How to fix mistakes in seed stitch

We already find out how to fix mistakes in our project, so today we want to teach you how to do it with the seed stitch. In this kind of stitch, the mistakes present a little bit of trouble because every stitch has a different direction, this means, there are stitches we need to work again by knitting them and others by purling them; in order to get the desired effect with the seed stitch.


But do not fret, because with our video you won’t have any doubts on how to fix them:

To fix these mistakes on the project, it’s easier if you use your WAK hook.

1.First, identify the stitch where the mistake is. Like us, you may have found it when you already worked a few more rows. No problem! Work as usual until you get to the stitch with the mistake, do not work it.

2.Now, fearlessly, drop the stitch from the right needle and undo all stitches with the mistake. This means, all rows you have worked with the mistake, pulling them carefully.

3.Grab your hook and start working the stitches correctly:


-If the stitch you need to work is a knit stitch, the dropped strand must be behind the stitch on the hook. To do so, simply insert the hook on the stitch where we will recover the rest, keeping in mind not to twist it (check the video), and then grab the strand with the hook. Pull it forward through the stitch.
-If the stitch you need to work is a purl stitch, the dropped strand must be ahead the stitch on the hook. Carefully, and with the help of your hand, change the position of the strand you are going to work with the stitch position, and insert the hook on the stitch again, this time from behind, as if we were going to purl a stitch with a wooden needle. Then, grab the strand with the hook and pull it behind through the stitch.


Continue in this manner until you have reached the other stitches on the row on the wooden needles, and you have fixed all mistakes.

4.Finally, return the stitch on the hook to the left needle so you can work it, now, on the right way. Keep in mind not to twist the stitch. Once on the needle, keep working the row following the seed stitch sequence in the usual way.

It reads a Little bit complicated, but as you can see, in practice is very easy, and once you have done it a couple times you won’t have a hard time fixing any mistake you may encounter.

For the example on our video, we used the petite wool in navy blue, but off course, this tip works on any kind of yarn. Check all our knitting tips, so you conquer every hardness when knitting your garments 😀