How to crochet the magic circle


Today we show you a tip for crochetting in a circular way. It’s called Magic Circle. It’s a circle which adjusts to the length of the stitches you’ve knitted inside it. So, you could finish off better the stitches and the central circle would be more closed.

These are the steps you must follow in this videotutorial:

1.      Make an “X” with the wool.

2.      Crochet the first chain around the other thread with the WAK crochet needle.

3.      Crochet 6 or 7 chains more (depending on the wool thickness).

4.      Pull the loose thread for closing the circle.

5.      Knit one slip stitch for closing the circle.

Voilà! There we have a magic circle, which we will help us to begin with a beanie like Margarita Beanie, Peppermint Beanie and Mimosa Mittens.

More tutorials, coming soon.


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