How to knit rib stitch and its different types.


Hi knitters!

Today we are showing you how to knit Rib stitch. You get this stitch by alternating knit stitches with purl stitches.

To learn to knit Rib stitch, you just have to cast on the number of stitches that you need onto one of your wooden WAK needles, and decide which type of combination you are going to choose to make your Rib stitch. It has an infinite number of combinations.

We suggest these three to you: 2×2, 1×2 and 3×2. When we speak of these types of Rib stitch, we are referring to knit stitches X purl stitches:

2×2 (2 knit stitches and 2 purl stitches)

This is the most used Rib stitch, for the hems of sweaters, for cuffs…for the finishing touches of garments in general.


1×2 (1 knit stitch and 2 purl stitches)

This type of Rib stitch is a more attractive stitch; you notice the change more from knit stitches to purl stitches. It is normally used for hats or for garments that are more visible.

3×2 (3 knit stitches and 2 purl stitches)

In this case, the purl stitches remain hidden and only show up when we stretch the garment, which can play a big part in making, for example, an entire sweater with this stitch.


This type of stitch can be done with any of your WAK yarn balls and needles. For this post we have used 100% PERUVIAN WOOL YARN in FUCHSIA and WAK 15MM BEECHWOOD NEEDLES.

We hope to see your combinations on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

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