How to learn bind off loosely with hook


Hi knitters!

Today we are going to show you a different way to cast off stitches. With this way you will have a garment with a ribbed finish on the edges.

To obtain this effect, you need to cast off your stitches with your WAK crochet needle – we explain how to do it below!

1. Insert the crochet needle behind the first stitch, taking the thread of your left WAK needle and pulling it through. We leave the stitch on the left needle, without knitting it.

2. We make a yarn over with the thread on our crochet needle, and we put it through the loop that we have formed on our WAK crochet needle.

3. We start again and put our crochet needle behind the same stitch, repeating the same step, we make a yarn over and pass it through the loop.

4. We let the stitch off our left WAK needle.

5. We repeat all of the steps with the following stitch.

From one stitch of our left WAK knitting needle, we get two stitches with our WAK crochet needle.

Now you will have your ribbed finish – you just have to decide which of your WAK garments you will use it on…. we are waiting to see it!…. #weareknitters


For this post we used 15mm/US Size 19 Beechwood knitting needles, a WAK crochet needle and 100% Peruvian wool in aquamarine.

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