How to make an invisible seam


Today We are going to learn how to make an invisible seam.

There are a million ways of knitting, but we always try to achieve the same result: to make the seam as discrete as possible and to accurately finish our projects.

make an invisible seam
The technique we are going to show you today will serve you to make a truly invisible seam when you sea the rims and make the final seams to finish your project.

That means you can use it to sew the shoulders of your sweater, to join the row in which you have cast off the stitches with another row or the row in which you cast on the stitches, etc.

We have used a thread of a different color so that you can clearly see the instructions but when you use a thread of the same color the seam will really be invisible.

make an invisible seam
Place the rims of both pieces in front of you with the outside facing out. Let the stitches touch each other.

make an invisible seam

Thread the knitter’s sewing needle and start to sew on one of the sides. Pass the needle from behind to the front just below the rim of the piece which is closer to you.

make an invisible seam
Then cross the first stitch of the piece that is farther away from you horizontally from the right to the left. What we are going to try to do is imitate the already knitted stitches.

make an invisible seam
Then, go back and insert the needle into the first stitch of the piece closest to you, exactly where you pulled the needle out the first time.

make an invisible seam
Repeat this with the rest of the stitches until you have completed the whole seam, advancing from right to left.

Remember to start each stitch by inserting the knitter’s sewing needle from behind to the front in the piece closest to you.

When you are finished tie a knot and hide the remaining thread behind the already knitted stitches.

make an invisible seam

Easy and with astonshing results!

In our example we have used neon yellow colored fabric yarn, but you can use any color of fabric yarn you like and 15MM needles.

Share your results with the hashtag #weareknitters! 🙂

  1. you may be knitters …. but certainly are awesome!
    thank you for your generosity in posting such useful tips!
    happy new year to all of you!

  2. Great tip. I’m a total beginner to knitting so I’ll be pinning this for later. I’d love to be able to make a whole sweater!

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