How to make motifs with wool


To add a small motifs with wool to your projects you don’t have to know how to knit Jacquard or Intarsia, you can just do it by doubling stitches, which is both easy and fast to learn.

It isn’t important if you know how to knit with several different colors at the same time, if you have a knitter’s sewing needle you can start right away to personalize your sweaters and hats 😀


When we create motifs with doubled stitches, we do exactly what the name of the technique indicates: we copy the existing stitches, adding a second stitch on top of them in a different color (the color of the motif).

So, the result will be the same as if we had been knitting in the two colors from the very start.


Start by choosing the motif. You can use graph paper to make a draft, with each square on the paper corresponding to a stitch in your project – think of it like making a pixelated drawing.

When you are done with that, look for the center of your project as it will be your reference point when you make the motif.

Thread the knitter’s sewing needle with a length of wool (it needs to be of the same thickness as the one you used to knit the project). Insert the needle from the back to the front into the lower part of the stitch you want to copy.

Remember that the stitches from little “V”s wich means that your needle should come out of the stitch in the lower part where the two arms of the “V” meet.



Now cross horizontally from right to left through the upper part of the stitch. Look closely at the picture above.



The final stitch is done by inserting the needle again into the first stitch, but this time from the front to the back. With this, we will have completed the first stitch of our motif and it will look exactly like the stitch below it but in a different color.



The knitter’s sewing needle is now on the inside of the project again, ready to repeat the previous steps to complete the motif. You only have to find the next stitch!

When you’re done with the whole motif, hide the remaining thread of wool between the stitches on the inside. You can use as many colors as you like and make the motive as complicated as you want. It’s a perfect way to personalize your winter hats and sweaters! On top of that, it’s really easy, the hardest thing will probably be to choose your motif.


For this tutorial we have used petite wool in light yellow and aquamarine, these two colors really look perfect together. Which combination would you use?

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