How to knit increases (Part I)


Hi knitters!

In the world of knitting there are infinite options, which is why we want to teach you how to knit increases. There are so many different increases. Thus, we are going to teach you 5 types of increases: Loop Under Increase, Make 1 Increase, Increase with Yarn Over, Increase 2 Stitches in 1, and Increase by Casting On Stitches, but in this first part we will demonstrate the first 3.

Increases can be made on any type of stitch, considering that they are made on the ends of rows and don’t affect the stitch.

Loop Under Increase :

We increase by one stitch on each side of the odd rows, leaving the edge stitches to work with and making the increase from that point on.

1st. We take the last stitch of the right side with our right WAK knitting needle.

2nd. We lift up the stitch of the previous row, we twist it (knit it in the back loop) and we transfer it to our left needle. After, we knit the stitch normally.

3rd. We continue knitting until we reach the left side, and only have one stitch remaining. Then we repeat the same thing again,

4th. We lift up and twist the stitch of the previous row with our left WAK knitting needle and knit the stitch normally.

Now we have made the loop under increase, repeat these steps and continue increasing until you reach the desired length.

Make One (M1) Increase :
We do the Make 1 Increase at the ends of the odd rows.

1st. We slip the last stitch of the right side from the right WAK needle.

2nd. We work with the thread between two stitches (the thread that connected the last stitch to the previous), we lift it and we put it on our left WAK needle. After we knit the stitch, but from the back loop.

3rd. We continue knitting until we reach the left side and we start the same thing again.

4th. We lift up the strand that connected the last stitch with the previous and we put it on our left WAK needle. After we knit it, but from the back loop.

And in this way we will have knitted the M1 increase.

Increase with Yarn Over :
This type of increase with a yarn over is knitted by wrapping the yarn around the needle in between two stitches; it has a more decorative use, considering that it’s a very beautiful stitch visually.

To knit this increase with yarn over, we will have a stitch as a guide, and we will always make the yarn over before and after this guide stitch. When casting on stitches for your garment, you have to keep in mind one more stitch, which is the guide stitch for your yarn over increase.

1st. We start to knit according to the type of stitch that we have chosen, until we reach the stitch prior to the guide stitch, which we will knit normally, but before going to knit the guide stitch, we make a yarn over with our favorite WAK yarn on our right needle.

2nd. We knit the guide stitch.

3rd. We make another yarn over on the stitch following the guide stitch. We continue knitting and repeating these steps until we finish our project.

 Now you have your increase with yarn over!

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