7 Years of Wak


Once again the date all knitters have been waiting for will soon be here, OUR BIRTHDAY! September is the month for new projects, it’s the perfect month to set new goals, new objectives, to renew materials and start conquering our dreams after recharging during summer vacation.

Cover 7 years.

It’s been 7 years of adventures with you! We have watched you grow every day; we have shared knitting parties where we got to meet in person and learn from each other, accompanied by fantastic company and great atmosphere. 7 years sharing dreams and passions, 7 years watching how you tag us #weareknitters on your favorite social networks, and making us a part of your accomplishments.

7 years during which our daily work was focused on getting you to keep choosing us to provide you with new goals for the next year.  To do so we have prepared lots of surprises; as always the best partnerships and the best articles, the most striking and easy to make free patterns, the best knitting tips that you don’t know yet,…a new year of new releases filled with surprises that will make your jaw drop. Are you going to miss out??

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