WE ARE KNITTERS joins Movember


This month, the WE ARE KNITTERS team has decided to be more caring. So, we have joined Movember. This movement is integrated by men who let their moustaches grow during November. A simple gesture which supports those men who suffer the consequences of male diseases, as prostate or testicles cancer.

What is Movember? This word rises from the fusion between November + Moustache. The beginning of this movement was in 2003, when some friends in Melbourne decided to let their moustaches grow for caring one of them, sick with cancer.

Movember logo

Later, meetings with lots of moustaches appeared, and finally it became a movement with a main reason: taking in money for medical researches against these diseases. Nowadays, Internet and social media are invaded by different moustaches. So, we wanted to give our particular contribution.


 Movember WAK

WE ARE KNITTERS also supports this fantastic movement, but we wanted to do it on our knitter way. How? We decided to create this crochet moustache, made with our Peruvian wool. Moreover, we’re going to send the pattern for free in one of this week’s newsletters. So, everybody could create their own moustache.

You could see it’s very easy to do, even if you don’t have an advanced crocheting level. And the final result is so fun. No more excuses, join Movember!

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