What to do with your yarn scraps: braided scarf

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Among every knitter’s stash there’re always a tangled section of scraps—that extra ball left over from a sweater, that little bit of wool from the fringe of a scarf, or that precious skein you had to buy because it was so beautiful. In truth, none of this yarn will come out of its hiding place in the stash box, because we never found the perfect project to use it in. Today we give you a very cool and warm idea for winter days—we’re going to make a braided scarf with yarn scraps.

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Take out all your yarn, combine similar tones, and don’t forget to add a touch of color. You can use yarn of any weight or texture.

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You will also need a pair of scissors and a tape measure.

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Start by measuring and cutting the pieces of yarn to later make the ends of the braid. How long should you cut the strands? Measure how long you’d like your scarf to be, then multiply that number by 1.75. This will give you the total length that each strand should have.

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Start by carefully making the groups of strands, making sure that they don’t mix with each other and keeping in mind that each group must contain the same number of strands so that one is not thicker than the other. You will form 3 groups in total.

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Lay out and separate the groups that you’ve made.

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To make the beginning of the braid, we will make a knot joining the 3 sections of the braid. Leave a little yarn at the beginning of the scarf for fringe.

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Begin to carefully braid the strands, making sure they don’t double over on each other.  You can ask someone to hold the end of the braid, or you can put something heavy on top of it so it’s easier for you to create an even braid.

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When you have little wool left to braid, make another little knot at the end and that’s it!

You’ve braided your scarf, a warm and quick accessory to make. We’ve got ours already! We hope you’ll share yours on social media with the hashtag #weareknitters. Until next time!

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