I-cord Cast Off

  In today’s post, we are going to show you a new way to cast off in your knitting projects. As you’ve already seen on our blog a few ways to cast off, but today’s is special because it creates a cute, decorative border. It’s made by creating an i-cord or cording while you’re casting […]

How to do the bias cast off

  All knitters should update their repertoire of knitting techniques frequently. This way we can discover better ways of doing what we already do. Have you ever wondered if there was another way to cast off on the bias to create an even edge? When we cast off stitches at the beginning or end of […]

How to cast off for rib stitches

Casting off is one of the most recurring subjects any knitter encounters. And the same way there is a perfect way to cast on depending on the project, there is also important to choose a type of cast off that adapts to whatever we are knitting.   It’s not the same to cast off a […]

How to cast off with a tapestry needle

  Today we are going to show you a new way to cast off your project: using a tapestry needle. Although we’ve already shown you several ways to cast off, you’re going to love this method, because it makes for a very elastic cast off, almost as if it were the cast on instead of […]

How to cast off stitches in rib stitch

Just as there are different ways to cast on stitches there are different ways to cast off stitches. Some are a little more complex than others and although you don’t have to know them all by heart, it is important to be familiar with them so that you can choose the adequate way for each […]

How to make your sewn cast off

Hi knitters!! Today we are teaching you a new way to cast off stitches. As you already know, there are a few different ways to finish your WAK designs. We propose you this simple technique so you can chose how to cast off the stitches and get the most out of your design. This technique offers […]

How to work the icelandic bind off

  Like all things, in the knitting world there are many different ways to do things. This time we will show you how to cast off using the Icelandic method. The ideal method to use with rib stitch, such as for cuffs, socks, or sweater hems. Very often when you cast off your stitches the […]

How to Make I-cord Bind Off

  If you are looking for an original way to finish your knitwear and give a different touch to your borders, you cannot miss this technique! Use an icord bind off around the entire edge of the project to make it look unique. You’ll see that this is super easy with our tutorial and remember […]

How to do the provisional cast on with two needles

When we begin a new project we usually start by casting stitches onto one of our needles, that’s fine, but sometimes it doesn’t work for all projects. When we cast on in the traditional way a type of seam is formed at the beginning that sometimes makes it difficult to join to another piece of […]

Italian bind off

Italian bind off

Hi knitters! Today you will learn how to weave in the ends in a different way, so your garment will look like rib stitch. It’s great for sleeve ends and collars knitted in Rib stitch 1×1. This way of weaving is known as Italian bind off, and it’s the best way of weaving in the […]

How to learn bind off loosely with hook

Hi knitters! Today we are going to show you a different way to cast off stitches. With this way you will have a garment with a ribbed finish on the edges. To obtain this effect, you need to cast off your stitches with your WAK crochet needle – we explain how to do it below! […]

Weekend projects: Knitted yoga socks

      December always makes us long for hot cups of tea, long afternoons knitting in front of our favorite series and our daily yoga routine.   To keep your feet warm while saluting the sun, we designed this beautiful yoga sock pattern, and not only to they feel good, but you can knit […]

How to Double Knit

The knitting technique we are going to teach you today is one of the coolest you’ve ever seen in the knitting world. It’s double knitting, which creates a piece of knitting with one color on each side, and no “wrong side”. We can create motifs and work using charts, and the resulting fabric is much […]

How to do arm knitting

  A while back we showed you that knitting is possible without needles, using our body  with finger knitting, and today we’re back with another surprising method: arm knitting, using our arms and fingers as if they were knitting needles. Arm knitting is lots of fun, and the best part, fast, so you can knit […]

Free pattern: Needle Case

There comes a time in every knitter’s life that the number of needles and crochet hooks they own starts to get out of hand, and they have to find somewhere to store them all! Your hooks and needles should be somewhere that is convenient, safe, and well protected – and don’t forget pretty! If you can identify with […]

Free Pattern: Euro Cup bracelets in Fabric Yarn

It’s time to make lots of knitted bracelets with your fingers to help cheer on your favorite team in the Euro Cup! The technique couldn’t be easier, and you can make your own in a snap, you just need your hands and our Fabric Yarn. Choose the colors of your team’s flag and get started right […]