BFF: The new collection by Carmen Gómez


When We are Knitters approached me with the idea of designing a collection for them, it was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. I couldn´t believe it! I had been knitting my entire life, especially over the last 2 years, when the WAK-pieces had become quite an inspiration for me. It felt like someone had rolled out a red carpet for my passion and creativity.

Only 10 minutes after learning about this opportunity, I went straight to work, with so many ideas coming to my mind. I thought about my best friends and their personal styles. After all it´s them I most knit for. Whether it´s Christmas or their birthday, they know that they can always count on receiving a self-knitted garment from me. That is why I decided to dedicate every piece of this collection to an important person in my life. It is the people that are closest to me that inspire me, give me advice, make me laugh or cry. I can say that my friends are my muses, which is why each piece of this collection has not only been inspired but has also been named after one of my friends.

When I am about to finish a knitting project I already start thinking about the next one. I never really follow patterns (apart from the WAK ones).

I generally just start knitting with the idea of the finished garment in mind. I never write the pattern first, I just write along while I´m knitting. Then I start making changes as I go along, row-by-row and stitch-by-stitch.  I often end up with something that has nothing to do with my initial idea. For me every garment is like a painting, every stitch is like a brush stroke, and until it is not finished and it all comes together you don´t know what the result will be like.

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