Wool snoods, the trend for this winter


Wool is not boring! Not everything is typical scarves: with these yarn balls you can do-it-yourself lots of garments. Personally speaking, we love wool snoods. Why? It’s simple: they’re so practical and warm. Indeed, they give a very fashionable touch to your look.


Empire Snood


Snoods are unisex, and fit girls and boys. They combine with a casual and urban look. In winter we tend to wear darker colors, so a lively color snood as pink or blue gives a touch of happiness to your clothes.


Pink Soho's Snood


Comfort is one of the main characteristics of snoods. You can wear them directly, without rolling them down a couple of times, as it happens with scarves. Moreover, they are very loose, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.




Snoods are very-easy-to-do garments. They are straight, so you don’t have to knit too many rows, as it happens with more complicated knitwear like socks. For this reason, they are recommended for beginners. If you dedicate some time and motivation, stitches get connected to form a fashion garment.


Blue Soho's Snood


This would be one of the trends for this winter. When cold days arrive, streets will be full of wool snoods. You don’t want to be old-fashioned, do you?


Wool snoods will be the trend for this winter


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