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A few days ago, we asked you to send us any questions or doubts that you had about We Are Knitters, and we promised that Alberto Bravo #AskAlberto, Co-founder, and Creative Director of We Are Knitters would do his best to answer all of them.

You’ve sent us an almost infinite number of questions, from all corners of the world and covering almost every theme imaginable. Unfortunately, we can’t create a massive post to answer all of them, so we’ve selected the questions that we received the most often and also that we believe that can help you the most in your day-to-day life as a knitter.

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And this is how Alberto responded:

1. Karen Vía E-mail: I’m a beginner, I’ve never knitted before. Which kit do you recommend to get started with?

Any of our beginner kits are made for you! Beanies, scarves, and snoods knit with The Wool are the easiest.

I recommend: Bryant Scarf, Downtown Snood, or the Deja Vu Hat – they are the easiest to knit and will make you want to knit more and more!

2. @mama.charm: What’s the best way to knit stockinette to have neat selvedges?

To have perfect selvedges in your sleeves, I recommend that you use mattress stitch.

This stitch makes your seams practically invisible. You can make it parallel to the seam of your sleeve or perpendicular to the armhole area.

It’s super easy, so we already know that you’ll do it perfectly! If you have questions or doubts, write to us at [email protected]

3. Marijke Vía E-mail: How can I adapt We Are Knitters patterns to other sizes?

Learning to adapt your pattern is super easy, and it is the best way to get clothes that fit exactly how you want them to.

In this link, you can see how to do so in a very easy way:

4. @pamelaeddwes: Does WAK donate yarn to charity?

Yes! At WAK, we like to do our part in supporting actions that we believe in, and we do so by either giving wool or by donating a portion of our proceeds from selected kits. A few examples of this include the Diva Beanie, for the National Breast Cancer Foundation or our kits designed by Laura Ponte for the Alliance for Solidarity.

Last fall, we had a spontaneous social media initiative created to help Syrian refugees called Blankets for Life, in which volunteers could knit small blanket pieces measuring 50cm x 50cm to be later joined together to create blankets.

Additionally, a few months ago we introduced the option at our online checkout to add a $1 donation to your purchase. All of the proceeds from this easy method go to different projects facilitated by Save The Children.

5. Rosario Vía E-mail: Can I make a wool kit with cotton and vice versa?

Our designs are created to be knit with the size and weight of the material in the kit. For this reason, you can’t knit a wool kit in cotton or vice versa.

6. @marioncrochette: Will you have patterns for men, such as sweaters or do you have plans to do a men’s collection?

It’s true that at the moment we don’t have a huge catalog for men, although we do have a number of items that are unisex, such as hats or scarves. After a couple of seasons, one of the designers that we collaborate with regularly, Morgane Mathieu, created a few items specificially for men:

Nico Scarf

Pedro Collar


7. Amara Vía E-mail: Why is The Wool so thick?

At We Are Knitters, we use The Wool because it is perfect for beginner and impatient knitters, and of course, for experts also.

This thickness can be very difficult to find, and it has become part of our identity.

Additionally, because it is so bulky, it is ideal for cold winters and an unmistakable and edgy finish.

8. @gaboemma: Are you going to release more patterns? Ones that can be purchased separately? Will you have more colors of Petite Wool? What about workshops?

Of course! We have new patterns every month in our new collections, like the new collection of Pima Cotton, “That Spring Feeling”, various new Petit Point kits, including Mexico Lindo or our new patterns for baby. Looking ahead to summer, we’ll have the return of fun fabric yarn novelties, but that’s all we can tell you for now!

At the moment, we have a few patterns that you can buy alone, but little-by-little we are adding more!

As for the colors of Petite Wool, of course we’ll have new ones! Just wait and see 😉

And finally, about the workshops, we have knitting parties where you can practice every week, visit the Knitting Parties section of our website and you can see when there will be a celebration close to you. Don’t forget, you can also become an ambassador and organize your own. 😉

9. Diane Vía E-mail: How can I make my wool last longer?

The biggest thing that you can do to help your garments last as long as possible is avoid washing them too often. In this blog post, we have some of our top tips for how to take care of your garment to keep it looking like it did on the day you made it.

Tips for Washing your We Are Knitters Wool

10. @susi_strickliesel_knitdesign: my favorite WAK kit is the Nolita Sweater! Which is your favorite kit and why?

What a coincidence! I also love the Nolita; sometimes less is more.

Another kit that I love is the Soho Snood, because of the design, and of course, the classic Napa Cardigan 🙂

11. Anne Vía E-mail: Can I attend a workshop or class to learn or practice my technique?

Yes! We organize events for knitters that we call “Knitting Parties”. At these events, you can meet new knitters and crocheters in your city and spend an afternoon full of surprises and fun!

At each event, you’ll receive an exclusive kit that includes: wooden knitting needles, 100% natural Peruvian wool skeins, a little sewing needles, a WAK tag, and of course, the pattern.

Each party is hosted by an ambassador who is an expert in the technique, who can teach and guide you along the process so that you can wear your garment home with pride!

Learn more here: Knitting Parties

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