Choose the right crochet kits according to your level

When we get into the world of crochet sometimes we dive right into the pool without knowing what projects to work depending of our level. That’s why it’s always important to know the stitches in the project we want to make in order to find out how long it will take and the effort we’ll make so we don’t end up fed up with it, and we can crochet the project without inconvenience.


But don’t worry because today we bring you a very simple guide for crochet kits to choose according to your level.


The easiest way to start would be to pick a kit with a simple stitch, such as the single crochet. This is the case for some scarfs and hats, such as the Fig Scarf. Very easy to make, and it will take no time for you to feel you dominate crochet.


Once we dominate the single crochet, we can go a further level and dare with a decorative element as with the Plow Cushion. It’s a beginner level kit, but it supposes a little challenge by using three different colors. It may look hard but once the basic crochet stitches are under control (single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet), it won’t suppose such a great challenge to make this cushion.


Remember always to practice and gauge the stitch before start working the pattern. This way you’ll make sure your project will be as similar to the pattern as possible.


When you dominate the single crochet, the half double crochet, and the double crochet, it’s time to get greater crochet challenges and work the Callao Vest. This kind of project is a little bit trickier, you will have to dedicate a little bit more time and patience, but you’ll see the results will be more than satisfactory.

You will feel like the queen of crochet.


You can also try a kit with fabric yarn. The fabric yarn is a very particular material, but offers very good results when working decorative products or bags.

You can crochet giant baskets, such as the Checkers Basket, or great bags for the beach or the pool like the Menorca Bag.


The fabric yarn is very trendy right now, and by dominating crochet you will be able to work with fabric yarn the best projects so you are not left behind.



Now is time is to think about it and tell yourself:


“I’m ready for the next step”


We propose to crochet a blanket. They are not much complicated than other projects, but yes, maybe it will take longer to crochet them. But how good it feels to be under them! Try the Samasana Blanket of the Kari Blanket.

They won’t be hard to crochet. Again, we advise to practice crochet before working the blanket, in order to obtain the perfect blanket made with your own hands and your crochet technique.


Once the basic and more complicate crochet stitches are dominated, you can consider yourself an expert “crocheter” and your level will be very advanced.

When you rule all former crochet challenges, we recommend to start crocheting a bikini for next summer. The Baros Bikini or the Maui Bikini are our star bikini models.

You’ll have fun and enjoy crocheting them, and you’ll be the queen of the pool with your crochet bikini. Besides, these bikinis will be perfectly complemented with the fabric yarn pool bag you crocheted before.

Si te pones paso a paso, nivel a nivel, no hay excusas para que tejas cualquier prenda a crochet. Es una técnica muy completa y para todos los niveles. El truco es practicar y escoger siempre el producto adecuado para tu nivel.

Con esta guía te convertirás en la reina del crochet y podrás tejer cualquier producto con lana, hacer los mejores bikinis con algodón o tejer con trapillo bolsos y cestas estupendas.


If you work step by step, level by level, there’s no excuse for you to not work any kind of garment in crochet. It’s a very complete technique and for all levels. The trick is to practice and choose the right project for your level.

With this guide you’ll become the queen of crochet and you’ll be able to crochet any project with wool, make the best bikinis with cotton or work great bags and baskets in fabric yarn.


Enjoy your crochet kits and don’t forget to share your pictures with the hashtag #weareknitters