Connected To Your Roots

When the seasons shift to the warmer months, I find myself drawn to creating things for my home. When I walk into a room I want to feel inspired, motivated, and all of those warm feelings. Not only for myself, but for anyone who walks into that space. I love the way home decor can emanate your style, so by letting your personality speak through what you create-you will feel even more connected to your roots and at home.

My great grandmother always had a beautiful range of blankets in her home. From quilts to crocheted granny squares to the most colorful chevron of their kind. If you were upset and wanted to talk, grab a blanket. If you wanted to watch a movie, better grab that blanket. And you always grabbed a blanket if you wanted to sit and create with her. Blankets themselves provide the greatest comfort and tagging a memory with them makes them even more cherished. On my Instagram I can pretty much guarantee I am always wrapped up in some type of never-ending blanket fort behind the photo (or actually, in most photos).

Lately, I have been so inspired by creating woven-like textures in my designs and this one certainly embodies that richness. Pair it with WAK yarn and you’re golden. Since blankets are one of my most favorite things to make and I use them all year round, I knew this had to be my first project to kick off spring to spark my creative spirit.

Nothing makes my heart happier than by having a mix and match of unique items integrated through each room. With the wide selection of WAK yarn you can easily create an environment to hold any color in. Whether it be a good neutral or the softest of blush pinks, just be sure to capture yourself in the process and I know it will make you glow with pride and provide the most comforting warmth to you and yours for years to come.

So grab a blanket (and coffee), your favorite WAK yarn, and make a blanket.

Wear cozy. Stay warm!