Cotton: With us all our life


Hello knitters!

Many of you know that this week we launch the new Spring-Summer Collection 2015 (how nerve-wracking, my God!) with an undisputed star: cotton. A material that is present in the majority of collections of the summer seasons and its quality and variety make it a must in our summer clothes. But sometimes you have asked where does it come from? Or why does it occupy an important space in the development of clothing?

 It’s funny, but cotton is with us all of our life,  some say. Archeologists themselves have trouble affirming the creation and use. They found remains of more than 2,000 years AC in Asia, Africa, and South America, although today cotton is grown in almost all parts of the world.

From cotton, there are three great virtues that this material can produce: it is lightweight, breathable, and soft. These characteristics made cotton into an important product for mankind. Besides its utility in the production of garments, its shell is used to feed livestock, as an agricultural fertilizer and even the oil extracted from its seeds is used for the production of margarines, soaps, or cosmetics. Its use throughout history has been so important that now it is the most used material in the world.

Despite the advent of synthetic fibers, cotton continues to be the the most used among naturally produced fibers. We love this material, not only for the characteristics that we described above, but for its adaptability and large possibilities that it offers in design. If you don’t believe us, wait and see our new collection, we are sure that you will become diehard fans of cotton 🙂

If you want inspiration for your projects, we invite you to take a look at the variety of colors of our cotton yarn balls.

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