#Knitflix and We are knitters: TV series and yarn, the perfect combination


What’s better on these cold and dark days than spending the afternoon at home relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate, your favorite TV show, and a #weareknitters knitting kit?

A new activity that consists of knitting while watching TV is all the rage among millennials: #knitflix is born! Younger generations adore DIY and if we throw in Narcos, House of Cards, or Stranger Things we get the perfect hobby.

There are even groups of people that get together to knit while they watch an episode of their favorite show. Is there a better way to socialize? #knitflix has become the new yoga. Instagram is full of photos with the hashtag #knitflix where its followers share their incredible creations: sweaters, socks, scarves, hats…

The first rule of the #knitflix club is to turn off your phone. All you need is your #weareknitters knitting kit and your favorite TV show, all other distractions are forbidden.

If you’re looking for inspiration to knit your elegant projects then your show is The Crown. The exciting life of Queen Elizabeth narrated by her young and inexperienced self. Choose the Petite Wool in your favorite color and opt for a casual British style sweater like the ones worn in the show. If you want to sport a royal style choose neutral colors, nothing flashy, and knit lots of cables into your sweater. You’ll show off your impeccable style, and more importantly stay warm!

If action series are your thing then you’re probably already hooked on Narcos. Fiction based on a true story, it portrays the life of the infamous drug lord: Pablo Escobar. Pick a pima cotton knitting kit in shades of green and brown… to camouflage yourself. Or you can choose bright colors to make accessories to add a pop of color to your look.

Independent, incarcerated women is the best description of Orange is the New Black, a tragicomedy that proves that orange is definitely the new black. Opt for a skein of Peruvian wool in shades of orange to make accessories that brighten your outfit.

You’ll be hooked after watching the first episode of Stranger Things. If you’re a fan of the 80’s this series will keep you company during the cold wave, and probably during a heat wave too. Take advantage and be inspired by the series’ vintage style and bring them back to design your own projects.

#knitflix has been so successful that Netflix debuted a show last summer that features people knitting in real time.

Try knitting while watching your favorite show, you can chill while making a scarf, some socks, a sweater…power to imagination!

Join the #knitflix movement!

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