Knitwear Is Forever ft. Ozetta

Hi! Hailey from Ozetta Knitwear here, and today I am going to share a little bit about one of my favorite knitting projects with WAK. I had the wonderful opportunity to make the Simone Cardigan during the holiday season and squeeze in some “me knitting time” while on vacation.

While I am vacationing I love the idea of making something while adventuring. I think it is because later on I connect the piece with the experience of where I was at the time. And since knitwear is forever, it is a constant reminder of where I have been when my favorite pieces are pulled out each fall and winter. Now, when I pick up this cardigan, I feel the cold mountain air and am reminded of yarn snowmen, knitting by the fire, and spending my mornings knitting with my family around me.

One of the reasons I chose the Simone is because of how deliciously huge it is. I can wrap myself up in it as though I am literally wearing a blanket. And as you may know, I am all about those cozy vibes.

My favorite way to wear and style this oversized sweater is with leggings (of course) and a loose fitting tee or chambray button up. I am the type of person that unfolds the day wearing slippers, leggings, and the warmest shirt possible. So by having the Simone in my collection, it gives me an easy choice each morning of what to grab and wrap myself up in. With spring quickly approaching, I can still easily see myself wearing this with ripped denim shorts and a striped black and white tee.

One of my personal favorite things about choosing a kit from WAK is all of the color options. I think the Simone would look beautiful knitted up in the colors natural (as shown), grey, salmon, forest green (or lets be honest here, in any color your heart is fond of because the Simone is that good). The wonderful thing about this project is its one sized, so if you want to make this sweater for your bff, you do not have to worry about altering the pattern…just knit knit knit away. And they will love you forever. 😉

I always find myself gravitating towards sweater kits, I find it to be one of my favorite things to knit up. So if you are thinking about your next project, choose this one. I promise you will not be disappointed in the effortlessness of styling it and the ease of knitting it. It will be your go-to sweater for years to come.


Wear cozy. Stay warm!

xx, Hailey