NYC Marathon Day : Week eight


Hello everyone!

I never thought I would say this, after running in the summer heat so long but this week I was actually COLD when I was running for the NYC Marathon Day!

Normally, when it starts to get cold I wear a pair of gloves, but since I had my finger-knitting I was good to go. For any of you who get cold fingers in the winter, why not just start knitting on chilly days? That will keep you warm!

NYC Marathon Diary

With just a few weeks left until the marathon, I finished this week with a nice, long, 20 mile run. I think I may never walk again…but at least I have a little while to rest my legs until the big day!

The first thing I do after finishing a long run is drink about seven glasses of water and then eat a nice big snack. I feel like I am eating five meals a day since I started training for the marathon! I guess I will have to stop that once I stop training…

Fall is in full swing here in Boston, and I am crunching through the red and orange leaves as I run. Maybe on the day of the marathon I should coordinate my yarn colors to the fall foliage, what do you think knitters?

Until next time!


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