NYC Marathon Diary : Week five


Hey everyone!

This week I had the incredible opportunity to go to NYC and train with Team in Training, the organization I am running with for the NYC Marathon!

We met in Central Park, and I was honored to be the guest speaker. I told everyone a little bit about We Are Knitters and how this crazy idea for me to knit and run the marathon came about, and they all were so surprised and excited!


After I spoke, there was another runner who spoke about her personal experience with the cause we are running for, Leukemia and Lymphoma.

It was so moving to see how this team is helping so many people affected and making a huge difference in the lives of others! I definitely had to wipe away a few tears before starting the run!

To join the cause, you can donate here:

It was so exciting to run in a new city; I haven’t ever run in Manhattan before so everything I saw was new and different! While running, here are a few of the things I saw: the NYC skyline over the water, a wedding in Central Park, two rats, horse-drawn carriages in the park, and about a million yellow taxi cabs bustling around the city. What’s not to love about NYC!


Only a few more weeks left until the marathon, can you believe it? I can’t!

See you next week!


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