NYC Marathon Diary : Week six


Less than ONE month until the NYC Marathon!

This week was SO busy for me, I had to schedule every minute of my life to make sure I had time to get my running done. I had a quiz, meetings, work, group project, and then a concert all weekend, so you could say I was feeling a bit stressed!

There are times when I am training for the marathon and all I want to do is sit down and stop, but I know that once I finish the race it will all be so worth it.

crying gif

This week, a friend came with me when I was running and knitting to see what it was like. I get a lot of questions about how exactly I knit and run, so I always tell people they are welcome to join me on my next run!

It was nice to have some company, even if it was just for a little while. We ran along the river in Boston, which is my favorite spot here to run, and the temperature (for once) was perfect. The sailboats were out on the water, people were having picnics on the dock, and there I was, knitting and running.

Fall is finally here, and I can’t wait for those crisp mornings where it starts off a bit chilly but once you get going, it’s the ideal running weather.

I recently taught another runner how to finger-knit, and she got the hang of it in just a few minutes! It really is simple, I taught her on the metro and by the time we reached our stop she was talking down the crowded street and knitting as she went.

Have you ever tried finger-knitting? Practice makes perfect!

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