Our first WakAlong has arrived!


We would like to welcome the summer as it deserves to be welcomed. With a new challenge. We are proposing that all of you have your Bondi Bag to triumph this summer and overall so that you can show it off proudly because, whether or not you know how to crochet already, you can do it!

As you have heard, you are going to do it with your own hands and all of our help, in our first WakAlong.

Bondi Bag

What is a WakAlong?

A WakAlong is made up of a large number of people, that knit  or crochet the same project, at the same time, wherever you are. Sharing your experiences, and helping others along the way.

How do I participate?

To participate, you only need to buy your Bondi Bag kit before Saturday, July 4th 2015, wait for it to arrive, and clear your calendar of any committments that you have for Saturday, July 11th, unless it is to be with your friends to participate together in the first WakAlong! 🙂

Bondi Bag


Saturday, July 11th at 12pm EST on our Instagram. We will be there for the whole process with you, from the opening of our Bondi Bag kit until finishing it completely.

The process will take 3 hours, from 12pm – 3pm EST. Before you know it, you will have your summer bag finished and ready to enjoy!

Share your progress during the process and all of your doubts and questions with the hashtag #WakAlong and we will respond in the moment so you don’t get lost and can knit your Bondi Bag like a professional!

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